14 FEB 2021

Wedding Photography


Celebrate the story of your love with our wedding photography service in Amalfi Coast. We don't just take pictures; we capture the essence of your unique journey. Expect a blend of chic compositions, playful angles, and a touch of sophistication in every frame. Our mission is to infuse uniqueness that mirrors your personality, ensuring that your wedding moments are documented and beautifully immortalized. We create a casual, yet stunning, visual narrative that reflects your love, laughter, and the beginning of forever. Let us turn your wedding day into a timeless tale that you will cherish forever.

Giuseppe Santoro, I am a wedding photographer

Hey there! I’m Giuseppe Santoro, your go-to wedding photographer from the charming Amalfi Coast. Originally from the beautiful Cilento region, which is very close to the Amalfi Coast, my main goal is to capture the beauty and romance of destination weddings along the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Picture this: from intimate Ravello elopements to grand Positano villa celebrations, I’m all about crafting timeless, unforgettable images that shout your unique love story. With a passion for travel and adventure, I promise to capture every nuance of your special day – think authenticity, creativity, and an eagle eye for detail.

The Amalfi Coast is an incredible place, with its stunning sea views and beautiful streets lined with bougainvillea. From Tuscany to Sicily, Lake Como to Sardinia, I am a photographer who lives for destination weddings. My photography vibe? Think contemporary, modern simplicity with a splash of natural charm and a pop of lively, vibrant colors. Let’s turn your love tale into a visual masterpiece, one stunning destination at a time!

Destination Wedding Photographer in Amalfi Coast

As an Italian destination wedding photographer and true creative soul, I thrive on soaking in the magic of light, art, architecture, and breathtaking scenery. Olives, cypress trees, white roads, rolling hills, vineyards – they're not just backdrops; they're my canvas. With a keen eye for the beauty in every corner, I craft timeless snapshots that mirror the unique love story and the charm of the chosen destination. Your wedding photos should echo the very essence of the place, because, let's face it, it's not just a wedding; it's a destination dream.


A Timeless Gallery of Unforgettable Moments

Experience a captivating journey through our beautiful gallery, where love is transformed into a timeless masterpiece. Each photograph is a meticulously crafted snapshot, weaving together the narrative of your unique journey. Our wedding photography exudes timeless elegance and opulence, immortalizing unforgettable moments in your dream destination. Enter into a world where every image is a testament to the enduring power of love.
Vincenzo and Maria got married on 26 September 2016 on the Cilento coast, two young people of Italian nationality chose me as a professional photographer, giving me the opportunity to tell their most beautiful day through images.
I was contacted by Alessandro and jasmine, the couple who decided for a romantic escape, the so-called Elopement in the luxurious city of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. The historic villas, enchanting gardens and breathtaking views offered the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot.

Raffaele and Serena, a modern young Italian couple, chose Villa Regina, a luxury wedding location on the border between Campania and Puglia. I felt honored as a photographer to be able to tell their story.
Between the lawns of the location and breathtaking scenery I collected spectacular images for their weddings.

Chris and Hallen are an American couple, they traveled from the United States to Italy choosing Giuseppe Santoro as photographer for their wedding.
They got married on the Amalfi Coast. There was immediate harmony between the couple. Giuseppe told everything perfectly through images that ranged from reportage to attention to detail.

It was a very intense and emotional photo shoot.
There was immediate intimacy between the couple and we all cemented ourselves in the work to be done.

They chose the waters of the Amalfi Coast for their Engagement, where colors, lights and landscapes perfectly reflected the chosen style

A luxury wedding photographer in Italy

A luxury wedding photographer in Italy, I seamlessly blend editorial flair with romantic imagery. Capturing the essence of love in stunning settings, my work exudes sophistication and timeless elegance.

Luxury Wedding Photographer in Italy: Why Choose Me!

Choosing me as your luxury wedding photographer in Italy means choosing an unparalleled blend of artistic mastery and cultural awareness. I have a discerning eye for capturing the essence of romance amidst Italy’s breathtaking landscapes, and I pledge to deliver timeless, sophisticated imagery that transcends the ordinary.

My commitment is to craft images that stand the test of time – each frame resonating with the timeless beauty that characterizes Italy.

You can trust me with your special day, as I am fully dedicated and provide personalized service. Beyond capturing moments, I am committed to creating lasting memories that reflect the epitome of luxury and love. Your wedding experience with me is not just about photography; it’s about curating an immersive journey that resonates with the uniqueness of your union. Your wedding album will be a testament to the extraordinary commitment you’ve made to each other.

Exclusive Photo Journey with My Artistry

Are you interested in transforming your precious memories into beautiful works of art? Imagine having your very own exclusive photo set, transformed into a unique gallery of masterpieces by my artistic vision. As a photographer and storyteller, I love to capture the essence of each moment with creative and intricate details. Every photo I take is personalized to your story, breaking free from the usual photo vibes. With a unique mix of creativity and technical know-how, I bring your moments to life in a visual symphony. Trust my artistic vision to create a collection that's more than just pictures – it's a lasting legacy of your most cherished memories. Your story deserves to stand out with that extra touch of artistic flair. Let's work together to create a truly extraordinary photo set that will make your memories legendary.


We are incredibly grateful for Amanda & James s exceptional talent and dedication. Our wedding photos are not just pictures; they are timeless memories that beautifully encapsulate the emotions of the day. Their unique style and attention to detail exceeded our expectations

Amanda & James

"Choosing Alex & Rebecca] as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made. Their creativity and ability to capture intimate moments are unmatched. The entire process, from planning to the final delivery, was seamless and stress-free. We highly recommend their services.

Alex & Rebecca

Working with Ryan & Olivia was an absolute joy. They have a keen eye for detail and a knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our wedding photos are a true reflection of our love, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for making our day truly special

Ryan & Olivia


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