Capturing Love

A Timeless Gallery of Unforgettable Moments

Step into our enchanting gallery where every image tells a story of love that transcends time. Each photograph is a carefully crafted moment, capturing the essence of your unique journey together.

Vincenzo and Maria

Vincenzo and Maria got married on 26 September 2016 on the Cilento coast, two young people of Italian nationality chose me as a professional photographer, giving me the opportunity to tell their most beautiful day through images.

Alessandro and jasmine

I was contacted by Alessandro and jasmine, the couple who decided for a romantic escape, the so-called Elopement in the luxurious city of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. The historic villas, enchanting gardens and breathtaking views offered the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot.

Raffaele and Serena,

Raffaele and Serena, a modern young Italian couple, chose Villa Regina, a luxury wedding location on the border between Campania and Puglia. I felt honored as a photographer to be able to tell their story.

Between the lawns of the location and breathtaking scenery I collected spectacular images for their weddings.

Chris and Hallen

Chris and Hallen are an American couple, they traveled from the United States to Italy choosing Giuseppe Santoro as photographer for their wedding.

They got married on the Amalfi Coast. There was immediate harmony between the couple. Giuseppe told everything perfectly through images that ranged from reportage to attention to detail.

It was a very intense and emotional photo shoot.
There was immediate intimacy between the couple and we all cemented ourselves in the work to be done.

They chose the waters of the Amalfi Coast for their Engagement, where colors, lights and landscapes perfectly reflected the chosen style